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We are one of the most recognised property repair specialists in the Midlands, formed from a wealth of knowledge within the industry. We are extremely proud of the reputation we have built over the last 45 years and continually strive to provide the very highest quality service and property care solutions. Our team have literally centuries worth of experience between them! This enables us to identify and offer the most effective solutions to a wide range of property problems. Our dedicated administration team are there to help from your very first point of contact, surveys are then carried out in accordance with the Property Care Association (PCA) code of practice and our skilled team of joiners, plasterers and remedial treatment technicians will carry out any necessary works to the highest standard.

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**Customer feedback** The work looked good until next door's had an infestation of dry rot which spread to my house and - Lo and Behold! - the 'Guarantee' was null and void. Don't know what 'Treatment' was put on the timbers but it protected against nothing just over 1 year after the work was completed. Very dissatisfied. **Traders reply** As we have already responded to your comments in great detail on social media, I'm afraid I can really only reiterate that the problem affecting your property previously was in fact a different issue hence your warranty was never actually for Dry Rot treatment as this was not the treatment that was undertaken back in 2019. Whilst we do of course understand how frustrating it must be to encounter another defect, particularly when the source has been identified as being outside of your own property, I am sure you can appreciate that we are unable to provide warranty for a new issue which could not have been foreseen at the time of our previous works. Furthermore, as explained previously excessive dampness within timber is the cause of a dry rot outbreak (which once started can quickly spread through brickwork and over solid surfaces such as steel etc. in search of further wood to infest), therefore the only true preventative measure for dry rot is the eradication of moisture sources and maintaining a dry/well ventilated environment. As such, because unfortunately neither yourself nor Preserva can control the conditions within a neighbouring home, we do explicitly state both in our quotations prior to undertaking work of any nature and again on our warranty certificates themselves that we are unable to provide cover for a Dry Rot outbreak originating from an adjoining property. This is not unique to ourselves and is standard practice throughout the industry. Kind regards Preserva CSS Ltd.