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Ian came to our school to work with our Key Stage 2 children - all of the children had an absolutely fantastic time, and came out of the workshops enthused and proud of the work they had produced. It is clear that Ian is passionate about his work, and this was passed onto the children as they explored themes of resilience and wellbeing through art. Throughout the process, Ian was easy to contact, highly organised and provided excellent feedback for us as a school to use moving forward.
Ian did excellent workshops at our school. He was very clear what his objectives were for the day. He was very accommodating and flexible with regard to our class sizes and he gave helpful suggestions along the way to make the day run smoothly. He was engaging and the children gained a great deal from his workshops. The feedback he gave was detailed, clear and so helpful. The staff training was fast paced, informative and gave us a clear platform to move forward. I would highly recommend his workshop and staff training package.
A great experience for all. Children very engaged. Trader knew his stuff, was confident and professional.
A great day. The children benefited from excellent teaching and feedback.
Ian came to our school to deliver a workshop and staff training. Ian has been to our school before and we loved his sessions so much that we were eager to invite him back. The sessions Ian puts on are fantastic and give the children a real sense of achievable success. He is great with the children and staff and provides excellent feedback to the head teacher about all aspects of the days. Because he visits so many schools it is great to see how your children compare across a number of factors to other schools in the country. The growth mind-set approach is key for our school and Ian highlighted this to the children. He draws on his own experience which makes the workshop realistic for the children as they can see the journey that Ian has been on. I would book Ian again in a heartbeat!
Ian Brealey, the Doodlebug, led a series of workshops at our school for children from Reception to Y6. The workshops linked aspects of maths with art and helped to develop the children's resilience and growth mindset. Feedback from children has been overwhelmingly positive with all of them able to talk about learning a new skill in art as well as how Ian motivated them to keep going even when things became tricky. By sharing stories from his life, Ian gave growth mindset a relatable context for the children. One child in Y2 said, "At first I had a lot of trouble doing the drawing, but Mr Brealey kept encouraging me so I didn't give up. I tried very hard and in the end I did a good drawing. This made me so happy". Well priced, good communication from booking to feedback after the session and really enjoyable for staff and children.
From the very start, Ian was easy to contact, quick to reply and very approachable. His session in our school was very reasonably priced for the quality and quantity he delivered, and the children were genuinely buzzing both before, and after, they had produced their pictures. Members of our Y6 class have already begun using phrases such as 'Growth Mind set' and 'Forward Thinking' in other areas of the curriculum, and this is a direct impact of Ian and The Doodle Bug. We are already looking at inviting him back for another session, later in the year, and would thoroughly recommend him to any other school - he was fantastic.
The Doodle Bug was fantastic. Ian who runs it was very organised and kept me up to date before, during and after the event. Our children and staff really enjoyed the day and got a lot from it. It went towards our work on Mental Wellbeing and Growth Minds et/Resilience. The feedback around how well the children did was amazing and really useful for our records.
Ian was very thorough in pre-visit organisation, to ensure the day went smoothly. The children engaged really well with the activity and were pleased with their outcomes too. The message of 'being resilient' is regularly reinforced whilst the children are completing their drawing. Ian's charges are very competitive too - would recommend Ian 'The Doodle Bug' to others.
Ian worked with our Key Stage One children as part of our particular focus on building resilience and building confidence. The workshops supported children to work in a slow methodical way and to really think about their work and develop pride in it. The children enjoyed their sessions with Ian and all achieved success.
Working with Ian was excellent. He was patient and understanding to context of my school and made sure that everything went smoothly. His communication was very good before, during and after the workshop. The workshops assemblies and staff training was very good. The objectives were clear and met. Ian brings a lot of his passion and interest into the workshop which I think is really important and certainly made a great impact on the workshops being successful. I was not expecting the reports on each classroom and their resilience/GMS so this was a nice, added surprise but very informative. If you want to teach and develop a GMS in your school, I wouldn't hesitate to book Ian.
Three very positive days of workshops. Both children and staff enjoyed the activities that Ian provided and we felt that the aims of the sessions were met. The children developed their resilience and found some transferable skills. We would recommend Ian to others.
Ian completed training for our school pupils. It was well received and organised.
Ian from 'Doodle Bug' was the ultimate professional and was very well planned for his work in school. The pupils benefitted greatly from his 'Growth Mindset' workshops and they were very proud of the drawings they produced. We will certainly be using him again in the future.
Excellent delivery and content. Ian brought the best out of our children and their potential really shone through in the activities he presented. A great reaction from the children to the workshop which is always the most accurate measure. Would definitely book again!
Ian was fantastic - the children and staff had a really fun day and learnt so much about growth mindset. Very reasonable price, well worth it. Thoroughly recommend!
What a great experience the children had! Ian engaged the children, and the staff meeting was informative and helped us shape our next steps as a school. Ian quickly built a positive rapport with the children and staff. Thank you!
This is the second time Ian has visited our school to lead workshops and we were as delighted by the outcomes this time as we were the first. Ian conducted himself like part of the team and built positive rapport with the children and staff. This time we had included staff training and this was very useful, particularly for staff new to our school, including two ECTs. I would thoroughly recommend Ian's workshops for promoting a growth mind-set and building resilience, both of which are hugely beneficial to all children.
Ian brings a high level of professionalism and dedication to his workshops. Ian is so passionate about developing children's mind set and attitude. We highly value the work Ian has done with our children, it is an opportunity for them to test and build upon the resilience skills they develop at Chater Infant School. Ian's sessions are uplifting, fun and engaging. Our children understand they can learn from their mistakes and Ian has helped to reinforce this. Thank you, Ian.
Ian is brilliant and passionate at what he does. We are so privileged to have experienced his workshops.
Ian has a unique approach to growth mind-set with the children. He immediately hooks them through the medium of art. By the end of the session, every child had produced cartoon artwork they were proud of and been steadily exposed to messages focussing on growth mind-set along the way. Ian has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the principles of growth mind-set. Presenting it through the medium of art really allowed that to be brought to life.
Ian delivered some inspiring workshops and assemblies at our school promoting the importance of having resilience and a Growth Mindset. The children enjoyed their sessions and Ian's class feedback was appreciated. Email contact was always responded to professionally and he went out of his way to organise a timetable that worked for us all.
Ian visited our schools to support the mental health and well being of our children and help to build their growth mind-set. It was a wonderful workshop with all children in Years 1-6 using art to encourage these vital life skills. The children really enjoyed the day and a lot of extremely important life skills were learnt. Thank you.
Ian from The Doodle Bug came to our primary school on a chilly, bright January morning. We pride ourselves on being a school which actively supports children's mental health, resilience and well-being and this course was booked with this intention in mind, in furthering staff and children's skills. Ian arrived and was instantly warm, kind and approachable for both staff and children - setting a parameter of trust and a 'can do' attitude to his workshops. All children achieved and all staff came away with top tips they can use in class to support our pupils. The day was a combination of Art, Maths and Growth Mind-set. It was a great day and the message was delivered in a creative way with the children all gaining opportunities to practise the message of 'Y ET' which can be applied to all learning. We would recommend The Doodlebug to anyone interested in Growth Mind-whether you already follow these principles or whether this is your first step. We hope to see you again in the future Ian. Thanks very much from all the children and staff. Naomi Bowers, PSHE Lead at Coombe Bissett Primary School.
Ian from The Doodlebug spent the day in my primary school teaching the children all about Growth Mind-set through the medium of art and maths. A great day was had by all, the message was delivered in a very creative way and the art the children produced was of a very high quality. Ian was strong in his presentation and met all Covid guidelines to work safely in our school. Would recommend The Doodlebug to anyone interested in Growth Mind-set to use - this was not a session just about art, it was all about having the right mind-set to do anything! Thanks Ian. Liam Jackson Headteacher, Reedness Primary School.
A fabulous unique and insightful experience for children, staff and parents. It is a chance to view children yourself in a different light and shines upon their/your resilience levels and attitudes. This is crucial knowledge to a teacher/parent/individual and can be considered in other areas of life/school.
Ian Brealey's Resilience Workshops were enjoyable and very effective with the pupils and staff at St. William's. The staff meeting was informative and supports our work on growth mind-set.
Doodle Bug's growth mind-set workshop enabled children to use the 'power of yet' and other growth mind-set skills to see what they could achieve. All pupils were engaged. Ian was particularly good at engaging all children and he demonstrated empathy and built a relationship with some pupils with autism in a short space of time gaining their trust. Thank you! Many pupils surprised themselves at their drawing skill!
The Doodle Bug workshops were engaging for the children. They enjoyed completing the drawings and seeing them come together a section at a time. Ian was very positive and patient with the children and was full of enthusiasm.
Ian was very well organised and gave thorough instructions before his visit. During his visit, he was enthusiastic and knowledgeable - our pupil's really enjoyed the sessions and it was evident that they had further improved a growth mind-set.
Was a great experience for the children, they loved being able to draw and was beneficial as it supported children's speaking and listening skills.
Ian visited our school this week and I can only rate the sessions he offered as excellent. There really was a buzz for art and growth mind-set in the school. The level of art that was produced was outstanding from all of our classes. The children thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and many of the teachers said the children have been talking about it and applying the growth mind-set aspect to other pieces of their learning. Thank you Ian for your time and your amazing sessions, highly recommend to anyone. Will be booking again in the future.
We had a fabulous time when Ian came to visit our school. He worked with all age groups across our primary school and tailored each session accordingly. Ian put into place a timetable of sessions to meet our lunch and break time needs which made it so much easier to organise the event. He was clearly very passionate about what he does and left a positive impression on our school.